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Manufacturing Information Systems

Technology changes rapidly, and often, these changes can result in improved profitability and efficiency for you. Everyone knows that knowledge and information is what makes the difference, but in manufacturing, how you get this information can be just as important.

For years, A&E has provided clients with customized solutions for their information needs. The technology is fun, but it's how it benefits your day-to-day operations that makes the difference. We know the tech, and how to integrate it to your operation. But figuring out how your project can be solved, creatively with the right process, is where you'll be impressed.

Work with A&E Engineering on your next manufacturing IT project, and together, we will:

  1. Develop a solution that meets your budget and schedule.
  2. Help you make better informed decisions quicker.
  3. Utilize resources effeciently, with real-time understanding of current processes.
  4. Eliminate variation due to human actions.

A&E manufacturing IT capabilities include:

  • Distributed system architectures
  • ERP integration
  • Machine floor to reporting systems
  • Remote monitoring