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Factory Installation Services

Installation is as important as design, and quality installation is the key to successful turnkey projects.  Our installation teams will minimize your risk and heartburn, and reduce rework.  Our team of experienced field leaders and installers know the equipment and standards it takes to successfully complete your project.

A&E Installation Service include:

  1. Onsite mobilization for complete installation.
  2. Electrical installation 
  3. Machine installation 
  4. Hazardous installation 

Safety Above All Things

  • Onsite risk management - toolbox talks to risk assessments

  • Provide reporting and consistant interface with clients safetypersonnel and systems.

  • Effective safety management is a shared mission with our clients, and we encourage mutual sustained involvement in a safety environment.

Project Installation

  • Supervision is key to meeting schedule and finishing with absolutely minimal rework.

  • Experience from sensitive wires to sophisticated networks to medium voltage applications.

  • Strong understanding of European devices and equipment.

  • Small details are given as much attention, resulting in projects that work well and look good for years to come.

  • Project leads that don't just speak the language of contractors, but also understand management communications, schedules, and financials.

Production Relocation and Modification

  • Benchmark production capacities of existing lines, before modification.

  • Reduce relocation time and risks by tagging and mapping all systems before relocation.

  • Work with multiple crews, from rigging to foundation, simultaneously, giving you a single point of contact.

Installation Management

  • Detailed scheduling

  • Interference planning

  • Risk management

  • Change management