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Manufacturing Applications


s-bpBatch & Process
A&E Engineering's process customers cover a wide range of industries, from pharmaceutical to specialty chemicals to food and beverage. more

s-mhMaterial Handling
From moving cars to pneumatic conveying, our engineers have years of experience solving complex problems with creative solutions that benefit the end-user. more

s-csControl Systems
The primary driver of your process is the control system you've decided to implement.  Many years ago, this may have been purely hardware...relays and pushbuttons. more

Installation is as important as design, and quality installation is the key to successful turnkey projects. Our installation teams will minimize your risk and heartburn, and reduce rework. more

s-mitManufacturing IT
Technology changes rapidly, and often, these changes can result in improved profitability and efficiency for you.  Accurate knowledge and information is what makes the difference. more

s-pmPrototyping & Manufacturing
Attention to detail doesn't end with design.  That's why A&E has and continues to invest in its ability to provide outstanding timely and affordable manufacturing services. more